Rua Soleil Arden Bois (Hammer)


Junior Champion Russia

Champion of Russia, Belorussia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Estonia

Champion RKF



Owner: Tatiana Kasatkina



Borg du Mont Kailasa


Ch.I, F, B

Vegas du Mont Kailasa

Quando von Lowenkraft  

Tenessee de la Ferme Tojol

Yhasmine von Lowenlieb

Ugho von Lowenkraft  

Ukrayne von Lowenkraft


Berljon GodivaSweet


Ch. IT

Bobby Ensson Bohemia  

Ch.I,G. Fratz v. Feuerbach    

Annie Chaloupecke Skalky  

Ch.I, IT, World Ch.

   Berljon OrkideOdessa

Ch. I, G, IT, Lux, NL Radjhi von Lowenkraft

Ch. S, N, IT  Mathoakas Girl Running For Remrod

Expert description

"Male, 2 years old, bigger then average, excellent proportions, very harmonious. Lion colour with black hair tips. Strong bones, very good angulations. Masculine head with expressive eyes (middle-brown). Black mask. N bite, teeth - complect.Good pigmentation, well closed lower lips. Good neck of correct size. Good top line. Correct rounded croup. Correct set of the tail. Excellent chest, deep with very good forbrust. Parallel set of the limbs. Harmonious movements with strong push. Excellent structure and length of the coat. Very well groomed. Typical behavior. Professional handling.

Expert - W.Guellix, Germany (December 2006)

Big, excellent proportions, strong bones. Black mask, brown eyes, normal bite, typical head. Straight, strong back, excellent width and depth of the chest. Correct angulations of the front and hind limbs. Good movements. Excellent coat, typical temperament.

Expert G. Zerle, Germany (April 2006)

 Excellent type, very good head, correct bite, good ears, strong bones, typical angulations, very good mask, color, coat. Good movement.

Expert - Petra Junehall, Sweden (November 2005)

Show results

date location show status class mark title expert country
25.02.2006 Moscow international junior exc.I J, Best Junior   France
02.04.2006 Minsk, Belarus international intermed exc.I , IB, BOB C.Rossier Switzerland
22.04.2006 Moscow National Club Show intermed exc.I W,CAC G.Zerle Germany
29.04.2006 Kiev, Ukraine international intermed exc.I , IB, BOB Z.Kopferberg Izrael
30.04.2006 Kiev, Ukraine international intermed exc.I , IB, BOB J.Gajewski Poland
09.05.2006 Moscow international intermed exc.I W, ,, BOB . Litov Bulgaria
11.06.2006 Helsinki, Finland European Championship intermed exc.I CW G.Vandoni Italy
24.09.2006 Leonberg, Germany DULH Club show intermed exc.II RCAC W. Mayer Germany
28.11.2006 Moscow Club Show intermed exc. I CW, CC F. Mavilla Italy
23.12.2006 Moscow Club Show open exc.I CW, CC W. Guellix Germany
24.02.2007 Moscow International open exc.II RCAC, RCACIB J. Matyas Slovakia
25.02.2007 Moscow International open exc.I CAC, CACIB, BOB I.Selimovic Croatia
30.04.2007 Moscow Club Show winners exc.I CW, CAC P. Cesnek Austria
02.06.2007 Tallinn Estonia International open exc.I CW, Sertti A. d Lorenzo Italy
03.06.2007 Tallin Specialty open exc.I CW, Sertti J. Franken Germany
9.06.2007 Finland National open exc.I W, RCAC Paul Lawless Ireland
10.06.2007 Finland National open v.good   H Salohalla Finland
17.06.2007 Smolensk international open exc.I W,CACIB,BOS A. Kislyakov Belarus
08.07.2007 Kursk international open exc.I W,CACIB,BOS S.Shinko Slovenia
22.07.2007 Ivanovo specialty winners exc.I W,CAC,BOB J.Hansen Denmark

  2,5 years
2 years

Hammer with his mom (Diva)


 9 months






1 month